NP Manager v3.0.75 (Apk Editor)


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4.0 and up

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NP Manager is basically a simple app for Apk, Dex, Jar, Smali, Pdf, Video and Audio files

Cross transfer of Dex, Jar and Smali files;

Merge and split Dex files;
Apk, dex, jar obfuscation and string encryption;
APK signature, coexistence, delete signature verification, delete dialog box, delete VPN/proxy detection;
Confusion with resolution sources (custom dictionary support);
Merge, encrypt, split and extract PDF files, remove encryption restrictions and delete pages;
video transcoding, trimming, audio/video stream extraction, custom audio/video editing;
GBK <–> UTF-8 folder encoding conversion;
Even the pitch file is fixed;

NP Manager APK enhancement rule, Dex Edit (batch delete type);

High compatibility string encoder (Apk, dex);
Toolbox (convert common string, such as base64, des, md5, hex, Unicode, blank, etc);
Convert Smali files to Java;

One click to add Xposed detection, one click to add popups and dialog boxes;
Axml decompilation / recompilation, arsc file width character constants;
One key injection, one key to remove all (toast) pop-ups;
One click, injection sequence decoding record, Dex file change package name;
Multiple Apk chain encoding schemes (chain encoding is recommended when checking flow confusion);
One click to add blocked screenshots, one click to add Apk crash registration records;
XML text code format;
Dex file display character constants;

Apk Super Obfuscation 3.0-Direct High Efficiency Dex Jammer, Supports Four Main Interference Components, Supports Multiple Dex Jammer

Apk feature-DEX confusion and confrontation;
Dex Editor Plus (support for Smali searching, editing and displaying character constants);
Support for syntax highlighting in editing software such as Smali, Java, and AXML;

One-click extraction of the Dex confusion dictionary and Dex resource ID encoding;
Improved APK alignment;
Dex batch repair
Premium version removes signature verification;
encryption protection for assets and precision resources;
Dex file comparison;
Comparison of text files;
Ungroup class files and jar packages;
Apk jamming flow control function 5.0 full coding series high efficiency, method masking, encoded resource ID, instruction replacement, dex optimization, etc
Dex function attribute display;
Smali Grammar query;

It is a manager like MT Manager and it support English language

Internet access is required.