NET Dependency Walker 1.9 Build 41227 Latest Version

1.9 Build 41227

a new software product, free application to compile .NET assemblies to projects that help the user to be able to decompile a .NET application to access its source. This program allows you to see the details of the dependencies of a .NET application; By opening the project and accessing its source code
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1.9 Build 41227
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista x86 | x64
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Decompile .NET assemblies and look at detailed data on dependency by drawing on this lightweight but highly effective program
Working as a software developer can often require you to rely on various tools to simplify your duties and boost your overall productivity.

.NET Dependency Walker is probably one of the functions that might turn out to be useful in the above scenario, as it might give you all kinds of useful details.

Please note that this program requires you to have the .NET Framework in your computer as a way to run properly.

A lightweight .NET decoder that comes with an easy interface

.NET Dependency Walker is a straightforward decompilation program that can simply be put into your machine, as it requires no super configuration on the half you use. It has a simple user interface that includes quite a few useful features.

Note, however, that this software has been designed to simplify the work of software creators by providing them with a useful visualization related to compilation. Because of this fact, beginners may need to understand its hassles or take advantage of its features because it was intended.

Decompile .NET compilations and look at the in-depth details of the build

You may rely on this program if you want a quick and eco-friendly evaluation program that may help you decompile any .NET object (DLL or EXE) and enter in-depth dependency details about it.

Except for importing meeting information, this software also means that you can use various versions of the International Meetings Cache (GAC) and provides you with relevant data. After loading the selected part, you will be able to view common meeting data, such as title, model, tradition or public key symbol. However, it is also possible to browse in superior detail, along with local or genre calls.

Shows meeting and original library lists

When you open a supported file, this tool also means that you can browse the original library and meeting lists, thus presenting you with a wide variety of data associated with your build.

To sum it up, .NET Dependency Walker is a lightweight but very powerful software which means you can decompile and analyze your assemblies by providing you with dependency related data. It comes with an easy interface and a number of other useful options.

System Requirements

Windows 8 or later
50 MB Hard Drive Space
.NET 4.7.2 (Setup can download this for you)