The Rise of Legends – MMORPG Open World v200.79 Mod Money


Have fun and enjoy the game!
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To ensure we have a game fun for everyone please follow these rules:

1) Don’t try to impersonate a GM or intentionally name yourself as one. Only Arachuu and Warlord are the GMs.
Also we will never ask you for your password, so don’t give it to anyone.
2) Don’t abuse bugs, alt accounts, rebate function or glitches.
A maximum of 4 accounts are allowed per user, more than that and they will all be deleted including main.
3) Don’t try to scam anyone or create an unfair environment for other players on purpose. The game is for everyone to enjoy, not just one person.
4) Spam, Walltexts or any sort of annoying chat usage is prohibited.
5) Mods can help you, but be polite and respectful, we are all just humans.
6) Don’t instigate conflicts, or try to hurt someone else or a group. We are all welcome here, unless you break the rules, and no one can say otherwise.
And most importantly:

Have fun and enjoy the game!

How can i check my Rise Coins ?
You can login on our main website: using user panel with the Username and Password
Or directly from here:

At creation account you will get 2090 rise coins. Use Wisely

Also you can check other functions on our userpanel

How i can use the Rise Coins
You can use the Rise Coins on the Recharge Tab ingame

Note: The extra blue diamonds function not working here, but you can reedem Rise Coins for Blue Diamonds Easly.

*Private Server Features*
1. Free VIP 10
2. Diamonds on Daily Login and Gold
3. 24/7 Uptime
4. 1200 + Players on our discord community