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Shazam Discover songs & lyrics in seconds.
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September 30, 2021
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Shazam Mod APK is a program that uses your device’s microphone and short samples to identify songs, videos, commercials and TV shows.


Have you ever suddenly been walking somewhere and heard a great song but didn’t know what song you found and listened to again? Or someone who can sing almost every song without memorizing the name There is also Today, I would like to introduce a very useful application. Shazam – Find Songs and Lyrics in Seconds is an application dedicated to finding highly accurate songs from short songs. It is currently the most popular app in many countries, used for instant music recognition and discovery.

Recognize songs in seconds through metal

In a coffee shop or listening to a friend sing it, the melody of the song sounds very familiar to us, but we cannot remember the exact name of the song. Her one of the most popular song recognition apps today, Shazam allows you to identify almost any song you’re looking for in just seconds. Wherever you are, just come across a good song you want to search for by name and this app replaces Google functionality. It doesn’t take long and the user has to open the microphone on the device. A series of songs appear within 3 seconds of her. When viewing the results, rather than just the title of each song, you’ll see all the information about that song, including artist, genre, and lyrics.

Shazam apk

Image identification by poster

It’s rare for an app to recognize a poster image and figure out a song title, but Shazam is the first company to offer this nifty feature. With this application, users are operated by many modern processes that make them feel much easier and more convenient. Not only that, you can also find the song title by searching for the song title by moving the camera close to the lyrics anywhere through the lyrics. This app also enables image recognition as a QR code reader. It can be said that using superstar magic gives us an irreplaceable gift. Players can also use the application as a game to participate in fun meetings with friends, contributing to a richer atmosphere of conversation.

Buy your ticket and meet the concept singer

The reason for the popularity of this app is that users can purchase tickets to attend concerts of notorious singers. Shazam offers a great opportunity to own one. In addition, you can purchase tickets at a better price than other online prices. Instead, they often miss the chance to meet their music idols. This application will help you achieve your goal of perfecting your favorite singer. Find out popular concerts with your famous singer in the app.

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Use the app anytime, anywhere

Being able to use the software anytime, anywhere is great. Almost any request within Shazam’s capacity can be made to a user. Additionally, users must use pop-ups to identify the song on apps such as Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. No need to worry if your phone is not connected to the internet when you need to find an important song, you can use the application even when you are offline. Not only that, but users can also turn on his Auto Shazam feature to continue searching for parts even after exiting the application. In addition, your favorite songs are categorized into your favorites list and added to your Apple Music playlists.

Share your favorite songs with your friends on social networks

If you want to share and enjoy the best songs and hottest trends with your friends, this application allows you to share features with your friends on popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The application does not limit the elements, so users are free to share whatever they like with their friends.

Shazam mod

You will be amazed if the application has endless musical treasures. That’s why you’ll see a lot of songs whenever the singer’s score entertains the music. The application always provides the user with the song title, lyrics and singer of this song, from domestic to foreign songs. If you have a Spotify account, connect your account to the app’s service now and easily add your favorite songs to Spotify. You can also browse the information in the app’s real-time charts and search for popular songs in your area through the app.

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