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Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 is an outstanding and remarkable graphics editing application which allows you to create original video content for film
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Video editing that’s always a cut above.

1. Auto Reframe

Premiere Pro’s The biggest new feature Premiere Pro is unarguably Auto Reframe. This is the only new feature in this release and what is more, we all could see it coming.

The effect uses Adobe Sensei machine learning to be able to identify objects that humans find interesting. Basically they took a lot of pictures and told the computer to analyze how human retina reacts to them and learn the patterns.

So how does this feature, that is supposed to automate the task of reframing videos for different aspect ratios, fit in everyday editing workflow?

2. System Compatibility Report 2.0

Adobe keeps inverting in System Compatibility Report. This is great news! Stability is a big concern for a lot of users and this is yet another step to minimize compatibility issues.

It will notify you about unsupported video card drivers, Operating System requirements and so on. It will also suggest the way you can fix that issue.

3. Audio volume rubber band and time remapping

For many users, these two updates are long-awaited and much appreciated. Both raise a limit for the maximum value you could apply.

Time remapping maximum speed is now increased to 20,000%. The previous limit of 1,000% made it very inconvenient if you wanted to time remap a longer clip. The only downside I’ve found when playing with a new limit is how much time it takes to apply that maximum value. You need to drag the cursor up quite extensively.

4. Shortcuts, more shortcuts

I can’t remember the last time we got so many new shortcuts.

Personally I’m most happy about the ability to assign a keystroke to keyframe interpolation. My second favorite would be enabling/disabling Motion Direct Manipulation for a selected clip.

The rest of the shortcuts will be useful as well. Generally, I don’t think I would ever complain about more commands that can be mapped to a shortcut.

5. Motion Graphics Templates on steroids

The way that Motion Graphics Templates integrate the power of After Effects in Premiere Pro makes it an irreplaceable feature.

Dropdown Menu Control was so much needed. Many templates I worked with used sliders to switch between parameters of animation, but it was so inconvenient to work this way, especially if the slider was switching between 20 different elements/parameters.

Next, Essential Graphics Panel will now have a multi-line edit field for text in Motion Graphics Templates. The edit field will fit 3 lines of text and if you go over that amount, it will have a vertical scrollbar.

And last but not least, Premiere Pro CC adds support for underline text style in Essential Graphics panel.

Color management for ARRI ProRes

Color management for ARRI ProRes formats with embedded LUTs streamlines the workflow in Premiere Pro. For HDR productions, you can switch out rec709 LUTs and replace them with HLG LUTs.

Support for Rec2100 PQ color working space

HDR workflows now include support for Rec2100 PQ color working space in Premiere Pro.

Import support for ProRes RAW

Import support for ProRes RAW on Windows is now available for Intel and AMD GPUs. ProRes RAW can now be imported across both platforms with all the major GPUs.

ProRes RAW to LOG color space conversion

SProRes RAW to LOG color space conversion is now available in Premiere Pro.

Performance improvements

  • New hardware decoding using AMD and NVIDIA GPUs on Windows offers faster playback and more responsive Timeline performance for the widely used H.264 and HEVC formats in Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Faster audio pre-roll in Premiere Pro provides responsive playback for large projects or projects that use a lot of audio effects. No more waiting for playback to start on macOS and Windows.